Tuesday, December 7, 2010

John de Jong Celebrates 15 Years with a Bash!


Peterborough Jewellery Store Robbed on Dec. 6


Fabergé Announce Historic Unveiling of the "Le Carnet de Bal" All White Diamond Collection


6-Month Complimentary Membership to The Jewelers Board of Trade

The Canadian Jewellers Association has introduced a new member benefit program to The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT). JBT is the only credit reporting service dedicated specifically to the jewellery industry in the U.S. and Canada. A not-for-profit member-supported organization, JBT has provided vital credit information and collections support to its members for over 125 years. This complimentary package to an introductory JBT membership will allow CJA members to participate in JBT's premium interchange information-sharing platform. Participation will enable your company to experience the benefits it brings in the form of credit monitoring services, customized reporting, access to industry data, online functionality, 24/7 service, and managed by a team of JBT staff dedicated to the Canadian market. Qualified member participants will receive the following: Instant credit ratings/reports for over 70,000 U.S.-based and Canadian companies/individuals in the jewellery industry available online 24/7; 25 Free Credit Reports; and more. To qualify, CJA supply members must complete JBT application forms as well as submit accounts receivable aging and customer listing files upon application and each month during the Introductory membership period. To apply, contact Erica D'Ambrosio at JBT by calling 401-467-0055 ext. 3410 or email Erica at edambrosio@jewelersboard.com.

Rio Tinto Commits to the Chinese Diamond Industry

Rio Tinto confirmed the important role China will play in the long term sales and marketing strategy for its diamonds portfolio. Speaking at the 2010 China Diamond Conference in Shanghai, Mr Jean-Marc Lieberherr, general manager for the sales and marketing of all diamonds from Rio Tinto's mines, commented, “Diamonds have a small but important position in Rio Tinto’s diverse portfolio and attract much attention because of their growth potential. We see China playing an important role in that growth.” Rio Tinto recently launched its strategic partnership with leading Chinese retailer, Chow Tai Fook, to develop a fashion jewellery category, separate to the existing bridal market in China. Chow Tai Fook's superior expertise in the design, manufacture and retailing of diamond jewellery in China, along with Rio Tinto's world-class diamond productions, makes for a natural alliance. Mr Lieberherr highlighted the fact that China has entered a fast growth stage that will change the face of the diamond jewellery market, “The emerging middle class demographic in China is an ideal entry point for affordable diamond jewellery. Increasingly Chinese consumers will be seeking to differentiate themselves through fashion and fashion jewellery and this will be the driver of future growth in retail diamond jewellery demand.”

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Tiffany’s eBay Challenge

According to a report by the Dow Jones Newswire, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided, without comment, against a Tiffany & Co. lawsuit that cites eBay Inc. over the sale of counterfeit jewellery on the online auction website. Tiffany alleged eBay is responsible for infringing the brand’s trademarks because it facilitated the sale of counterfeit Tiffany items. Two lower courts sided with eBay, saying the auctioneer couldn't be held liable unless it had specific knowledge that particular items might be counterfeit. Tiffany noted a significant portion of the items found on eBay is counterfeit, alleging that hundreds of thousands of counterfeit silver SKUs have been offered on the site. Tiffany participated in a program with eBay to remove auction listings it deemed suspicious, but the company said the program did not resolve eBay's "massive counterfeiting problem."

Gemesis Diamond Company to Market Colourless Lab-Created Diamonds Direct to Consumers

Gemesis Diamond Company, a producer of gem-quality lab-created diamonds, announced it has realized significant product developments, the most noteworthy that it is preparing to launch high-quality colorless diamonds as part of its product portfolio. The privately-held international organization, headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., is now in full production of colorless diamonds that is said to equal the best quality mined diamonds. The colour and clarity of the diamonds being launched will be the first seen on a commercial basis. Most diamonds in current inventory average approximately half-carats, however, the sizes of the colorless diamonds have exceeded one carat. The company is in its final stages of developing its own line, designed especially for Gemesis lab-created diamonds. The brand will also launch a new e-commerce website in the coming months, combined with parallel sales through limited retailers who subscribe to the company program – including education, approach, and pricing philosophy. The company says its own Internet pricing will not undermine participating retailers. Gemesis Diamond Company has also made advances with its fancy color stones, achieving a beautiful vivid yellow color that is highly desired and recognized by the consumer. The new yellow stones will be available in significant carat weights on the e-commerce site.

Toronto Designer Launches Necklace to Benefit Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada

For the new year, Toronto-based jewellery design Darlene Martin is donating 20 per cent of the proceeds from a special limited-edition necklace series to the Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada, a national organization dedicated to supporting patients and their families, while working with Canadaʼs leading research institutions in their efforts to eradicate Sarcoma cancers. Martin created the Tiny Dancer series with Swarovski elements and other semi-precious stones specifically for the cause, available for purchase on her e-commerce store at bijouxbead.com. “It is with great pride we are able to help Canadians deal with this disease through the sale of this jewellery series,” says Darlene Martin. “The SCFCs Founder and Chair, Diana Arajs, helped us when we first launched the Bijouxbead brand, and now that we are an established company, it is time to give back.”

Monday, November 22, 2010

Atelier Swarovski Launches Spring Collection with Canadian Designer Mark Fast

Swarovski has once again teamed with global designers (of both fashion and accessories) for its Atelier line of high-fashion, ultra-stylized jewellery for spring 2011. This time around, Canadian-born, London-based knitwear designer Mark Fast has been commissioned to add designs to the line with his Olga Collection, named after his grandmother. Fast adapted an original vintage necklace, based on the design of one belonging to his grandmother Olga, into a colourful collection focused around Swarovski Lily pendants, with blue opal, crystal silver shade and vintage rose stones. The collection is made up of necklaces, pendants, cuffs and dangling earrings, which can also be seen on the runway with Mark Fast’s Ready-to-Wear clothing for Spring/Summer 2011.

Jewellery Entrepreneur Honoured as One of Canada’s Top Women 2010

Rajeshwari Agrawal, owner of Best Bargains Jewellery in Toronto, has been named as one of Canada’s top women entrepreneurs of 2010 by PROFIT magazine. Ranking Canada’s female entrepreneurs on a composite score based on the size, growth rate and profitability of their businesses, the magazine profiles the country’s most successful female business owners. “It’s an honor to be recognized as a small business owner and Canadian manufacturer,” commented Agrawal. “I’m very proud that we were the only Canadian jewellery manufacturing company on the list. I think this gives us optimism considering that the jewellery sector has been one of the hardest hit over the last three years during this global recession.” The company is also celebrating 20 years of business in 2010, with the launch of a new line of custom jewellery products, Jewels by Anita. Rajeshwari credits the success of Best Bargains to the hard work and dedication of her husband, daughters and staff.

Scatola del Tempo Honours Actor John Turturro

Scatola del Tempo, maker of rotating watch holders, has recognized actor John Turturro for the timeless quality of his films, his relationship with Italy and his culture and style. Turturro received the award in Los Angeles during the Cinema Italian Style movie festival. Since 2008, the brand has recognized other media members, including George Lucas, Forest Whitaker, Steven Spielberg, and Robert De Niro.

OMEGA Expands Boutique Network

Swiss watchmaker OMEGA has announced that it will invest substantially in the US market, opening nine new boutiques in the fourth quarter of 2010, followed by around twenty more. The company’s president Stephen Urquhart said that the new boutiques will support the brand’s existing retail network, nothing that the new stores would represent “an eight-figure investment and create many new workplaces in the U.S. retail environment.” OMEGA’s boutique network already includes more than 60 stores globally, mostly in high-profile shopping areas; the decision to open the new boutiques in the United States is a logical continuation of that strategy. Each of the new boutiques in the United States will carry the entire product range, including the four iconic watch lines Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation and De Ville as well as the company’s selection of fine jewellery and leather goods. The first of the new Boutiques is now open on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, followed by stores in Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, White Plains, Hackensack, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Seattle and Nashville.

Kassoy Discount Plan for CJA Members

For over 75 years, Kassoy has been providing retail jewellers, apprentices, craftsmen, appraisers and wholesalers with the solutions they need to succeed. Kassoy now is offering, as an exclusive benefit to members of the Canadian Jewellers Association, a continuous 10% discount on most products, including everything from gemological instruments and legal-for-trade scales and a wide selection of bench tools, sales aids, packaging/display essentials and bar coding and inventory control technology. For more information, visit www.kassoy.com. Enter promo code “WEBCJA” at checkout to receive the Kassoy CJA member discount.

Couture Time by Watch Journal Announced

Watch Journal magazine and Couture have joined together to hold Couture Time by Watch Journal, to be held concurrently with the Couture event in Las Vegas in 2011. The platform for this event will be Couture, hosted at its established venue, the five-star Wynn Las Vegas, June 2–6, 2011. It will be a show-within-the-show, dedicated to luxury watches. The event offers a single location that combines the best of both the watch and fine jewellery markets, allowing retailers to concentrate their buying time at a single venue.

Polar Bear a Bust

According to a report in Rapaport Online, ABN Amro Bank filed an insolvency action against Polar Ice and its subsidiaries on November 3. The action is similar to filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy against an entity in the U.S. ABN Amro seeks all fees associated with the action. The diamond firm, which has offices in Toronto and Montreal, was then placed into receivership by the court. RSM Richter, acting as the receiver, listed company "book value" of company assets at US$13.5-million, which included diamond inventory of US$7.7-million. Richter noted that actual values were likely to differ substantially following its full review. The diamond firm reportedly owed ABN Amro a combined loan balance of US$21.849-million, and Polar Ice, which also operates as Polar Bear Diamonds and 4114159 Canada Inc., owed unsecured creditors US$20.655-million. Note: This story has been amended in light of new information. Apologies to Shai Basal, who is not an owner of Polar Ice.

The following list includes only the top 30 creditors for which the diamond firm owes more than US$250,000 (all amounts are in US dollars):

A. Moneta $1,519,270
Argaman Trading $204,150
4C's Ltd. $851,977
Basal $602,734
Belgium Diamond Inc. $320,719
Bertucci $315,330
Borsheim $354,600
Diamond Trading Company (not De Beers) $298,209
E.Z. Diamonds $300,763
Esskay Diamonds Ltd. $693,123
Haimov Jewelers $493,600
Infinity Gems Ltd. $399,380
Jaz Gem Corp. $226,280
Julius Klein Diamonds $243,970
KGK $3,709,815
Lazare $876,551
Leo Schachter Diamonds $473,994
M. Aharonoff Inc. $295,635
M.Ben-Dor Diamonds $324,677
Nex Diamonds $238,018
Novel Collection $218,407
Octagon Blue $401,434
Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds $769,188
Rosy Blue $209,294
Royal Gem $740,917
Sanghavi Diamonds $686,813
Universal Diamonds $216,000
Virgin Diamonds $312,312
Weinreb Diamond $519,490

Monday, August 23, 2010

Armed robbers hold up Yorkdale jewellery store in Toronto


India seen as fastest growing jewel market as IIJS begins


Man shot during jewellery store robbery


New Exhibition of Carved Gemstones at Israel Diamond Museum

A new exhibition of jewelry, cameos and artifacts carved from gemstones will open at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum here next month. Entitled “And thou shalt breathe life into a gem”, the exhibition is based on the work of master carvers in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, and is the result of cooperation with the Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum there. It is presented under the auspices of Dr. Harald Kindermann, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the State of Israel. Brinks Israel is a sponsor of the exhibition.

The exhibition encompasses a vast range of sculptures, objets d’art, cameos, jewelry and utensils, comprising about 150 items valued at approximately one million dollars. It includes cameos, animals, human figures, flowers, fruits and sweets -- all carved from gems, yet remarkably lifelike. A wide variety of gemstones have been used – agate, carnelian, tourmaline, amethyst, quartz, rose quartz, chalcedony, onyx, ruby emeralds and sapphires.

Shmuel Schnitzer, Chairman of the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, said that this exhibition is part of the efforts of the Israeli Diamond Industry to broaden the areas of interest of the diamond community and the general public. “Carved gemstones are part of the crown jewels worldwide. They are most desired items in prestigious jewelry shops and serve as an artistic expression for jewelers who wish to be regarded as artists of miniature sculpture,” he said.

He added that the exhibition is an important manifestation of the close relations between Germany and Israel.

Yehuda Kassif, artistic director and curator of the Ramat Gan museum, said that he wanted to bring the artistic creations and the heritage of the carvers of Idar-Oberstein to the Israeli public. “These master craftsmen, thanks to their artistry, have succeeded in using the colors and textures and even the imperfections of the gemstones to create objects that come alive with warmth and spirit. My goal in curating this exhibit is to expose these unique works of art to the Israeli public, as well as to pay tribute to the great talent of the artist carvers,” he said.

The exhibition will be launched on September 7, 2010 and will be open till the end of December 2010. The opening will be attended by leaders of the diamond and jewelry communities of Israel and Idar-Oberstein, as well as high-ranking representatives of the German embassy in Israel.

The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, a member of the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI), is a state of the art, interactive educational facility, showcasing the diamond’s journey from mine to jewel. Located in the heart of the Israeli diamond complex, it attracts thousands of visitors every year to its permanent and changing exhibitions.

Tiffany Introduced Yellow Diamonds

The reputation of Tiffany & Co. will be enhanced with the new jewellery collection of fancy yellow diamonds. Only 1 of 10,000 diamonds is considered fancy coloured and few of those meet the Tiffany standards. This rare collection includes modern and traditional designs of yellow diamonds with white pavé diamonds, sparkling Tiffany Bezet setting with pear, heart, oval, or cushion shapes in 18karat gold, Solitaire and Statement Diamond Rings, and Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard. Come October, the highest quality of fancy diamonds will be at Tiffany & Co. The brand also announced the introduction of luxury handbags as part of their 2011 strategy, with select samples being introduced in New York this fall.

Western Canadian Jewellery Expo Celebrates Another Great Year

Last weekend, the WCJE celebrated yet another brilliant buying season for the industry. With a plethora of exhibitors and attendees, there was a definite vibe that the industry is recovering slowly but surely. At the end of opening day, JSN Jewellery invited attendees and exhibitors to the"Opening Night Welcome Gathering", held in the main foyer of the Shaw Centre. The floor was abuzz with excitement at what's new in the industry and what will be happening during the next year. The Canadian Jewellery Group Co-Operative Association and Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, along with CJB Insurance Services, also through a Saturday night reception to honour all corners of the industry who work together on a daily business. Master diamond-cutter Mike Botha (CEO of Embee Diamonds and creator of the Sirius Star cut) also held a breakfast to share insights into what constitutes a well-cut diamond and his experience in the field.

Look for the next issue of CJ for a complete round-up of pictures from the weekend.
Pictured are event organizers Larry Ulliac and his wife, and Lilie Ford.

New Member at Jewelers International Showcase

The Jewelers International Showcase’s (JIS) events early this year sparked a momentum expected to continue throughout this fall and has appointed Caren Cotto as director of new business development. Cotto has been in the industry for over 12 years, starting as a sales executive for JCK Shows and Luxury and her most recent role as Show Manager for H2 Events will make her a perfect addition to the largest independent business-to-business jewellery tradeshow producers in the Americas.

OMEGA and the 35th Anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz

In celebration of the historic Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Mission, legendary US astronauts Lt. General Thomas Stafford and Vance Brand along with Russian cosmonaut Valery Kubasov made an appearance at the OMEGA Flagship boutique in New York. To commemorate the famous handshake in space, OMEGA released 1,975 limited edition Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo-Soyuz 35th Anniversary Chronograph watches featuring a meteorite dial and an engraved case back. The astronauts signed and donated 10 watches to celebrate the mission’s historic anniversary.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UPDATE: Two armed suspects sought in midtown jewellery store robbery


Man shot during jewellery store robbery


Chanel Debuts Anniversary Watch

The Chanel J12 Marine watch is celebrating its 10th anniversary by identifying itself as an authentic diving watch. With 3 different versions and 2 sizes, Chanel provides watch connoisseurs with options of The Big River for a sport chic look, The Foaming White for a design for those who love the sea and The Black Anchor for the original J12 design. All watches can be used underwater and are resistant to pressure equivalent to a depth of 300 meters.

Mark Lash Unveils Holiday Collection

Mark Lash has unveiled the 2010 Holiday Collection with a focus on lifestyle pieces that are fresh and modern. The collection features black and white diamonds along with gemstones inspired by earth tones found in nature. The jewellery ranges from $850 for the black onyx ring to $58,000 for the 9-row pave set bangle made with 868 diamonds. All items are crafted in their Richmond Hill, Ontario location.

Tiffany & Co. Ring Shopping Application

Tiffany & Co. has a new application for the iPhone for choosing and customizing diamond rings. Users are able to view rings true to size and search all styles that Tiffany & Co. offers categorized by shape, setting, metal, and design. The foolproof ring-sizing feature works by placing the actual ring on the screen and then finished pieces can be saved or sent through email, text message, Facebook and Twitter. Once you have that perfect ring you can send in your contact details and a Tiffany associate will be in contact within 48 hours.

Hautlence Watches Coming to North America

Totally Worth It, a New York-based company that distributes a variety of Swiss Watch brands across North America, reached a new distribution agreement with the Swiss Watch brand Hautlence. Hautlence was created in 2004 and based in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Today Hautlence is managed by the co-founder Guillaume Tetu and takes pride in creating original designs and producing the high quality Swiss is known for while differentiating from their predecessors.


Canada's passion for fine jewellery was obvious as JCK Toronto opened up yesterday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre's North Building. JCK Toronto has been created exclusively for the Canadian marketplace and features over 150 designers, manufacturers and suppliers showcasing new designs and collections for Canadian retailers. Canada's top retail buyers are in attendance to experience new design and technology innovation, increase their industry networking opportunities, and benefit from timely education on topics to help grow their businesses.

"We are pleased that the Canadian marketplace has come out to support JCK Toronto," said John Tierney, Event Director. "Our aim is to create a better and new experience for the Canadian marketplace and incorporated the input they had given us from last year's event. These included the return to the August 8-10 timeframe; the North Hall; and the visible presence of the educational sessions on the exhibition floor. We are pleased to welcome many VIP retail buyers who are experiencing JCK Toronto; many for the first time."

"I had heard about JCK Toronto and felt it was important for my business that I attend," said Alvin Nandu, owner of Galt Goldsmithing & Jewellery of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. "Since this is my first time, I am eager to see the wide assortment of merchandise and meet with many of the suppliers that I currently do business with or plan to in the future."

This year's educational sessions began with an opening keynote by Brad Huisken from IAS Training. Huisken's presentation was on the psychology of the sale. Using practical methods, realistic strategies, and useable techniques to help increase sales, Huisken offered a fun and motivational keynote presentation.

The HRA Group of Companies, including Crossworks Manufacturing and SGI, are hosting a diamond polishing event during JCK Toronto offering a glimpse of how diamonds are mined, cut and polished in Ontario. Showcasing the importance and excitement for diamonds, a 70ct necklace made up of 25 rough diamonds, was on display for the first time anywhere. Designed by Reena Ahluwalia and manufactured by Jeff Miller, the piece was commissioned by the HRA Group of Companies to celebrate diamonds that originated from the De Beers Canada Victor Mine and the development of a secondary diamond industry in Ontario.

Other exciting special events included the Pandora-sponsored Welcome Reception where retailers were able to preview Pandora's latest collections in a unique and sophisticated cocktail reception. In addition, the Canadian Jewellery Association (CJA) presented its annual CJA Chairman's award to Dan Panos from Corona. Peter Norton, chairman of the CJA, proudly presented the award to Panos during a special ceremony and reception.

CJA Teams Up With Supply Members

CJA supply members are providing a special opportunity for CJA retail members. With their new initiative, CJA supply members have chosen one unique savings opportunity to promote to retail members during the months of March, July, and October. Some promotions included are 14k gold bangles from Tecimer Jewellery Ltd, Rainbow Sapphire Jewellery from Gem Connection Ltd., custom cutting and repair by Embee Diamond Technologies and many other products and services.

RapNet and the Diamond Bourse of Canada Announce Cooperation Agreement

At a cocktail event held at the Bourse on August 10th 2010, Chairman of the Board Mr. Bhushan Vora announced the cooperation agreement between RapNet and the Diamond Bourse of Canada. They will work together so that their members will make maximum use of the trading platform and to expose Canadian members to the RapNet community of over 5,000 traders. A RapNet kiosk was built on the bourse trading floor, enabling members to view the trading prices and stock availability of over 710,000 diamonds listen on RapNet.

AGS Circle of Distinction Celebration

Jewellery industry notables and veterans gathered together for the AGS Circle of Distinction Dinner on July 25th 2010 at the Plaza Hotel to honor the industry’s finest. The prestigious Triple Zero Awards were presented to Phyllis Bergman of Mercury Ring Corp, along with Allen Brill the Chief Executive Officer of Rolex Watch USA and the Clark family of B.C. Clark Inc. Terry Burman, the Chief Executive Officer of Signet Jewelry Ltd. and Chairman of Sterling Jewelers Inc., took home The Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his impact on the jewelry industry.

Dan Panos recipient of the 2010 CJA Chairman Award

Established in 2000, the CJA Chairman’s Award recognizes those members of the Canadian Jewellery industry that have gone above and beyond to enhance the industry’s profile. Dan Panos, this year’s recipient stands alongside the previous recipients, boasting an equally impressive reputation. His professionalism and strong sense of commitment and integrity, inherent in his career, embodies the qualities sought after for this award.
Following his graduation from Ryerson University, Dan quickly found his home at Corona Jewellery in 1967 and has been a part of the company’s legacy ever since. First as a salesmen and then as Vice President of Sales, Dan Panos has been part of the Jewellery industry for nearly half a century. His countless years of experience have left an impact not only on the industry itself but on the many sales professionals that he has trained and been a mentor for. For all of these years, Dan has worked tirelessly to grow and nurture Corona’s relationship not only with its sales force, but its other stakeholders, most notably its customers and clients.
It is not only Dan’s dedication to the industry that has earned him this prestigious award, but also his involvement in the community starting at a young age as a youth leader at St. Bride’s Anglican Church in Mississauga. His dedication to help others and his cheerfulness made him extremely popular not only at Corona, but also amongst his industry colleagues and friends. His signature European hugs are well-known throughout Canada and probably around the world, as he has travelled a great deal for business.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Luxury Goods Designer Creates World’s Most Expensive iPad

Stuart Hughes has created the solid gold limited edition iPad Supreme
Edition, the world’s most expensive Apple iPad. The Apple logo on the back
of the 64GB Wi-Fi and 3G Apple iPad is encrusted with 53 individually set
flawless diamonds totaling 25.5 carats, and the rear and surround case of
the device is made from a single piece of gold weighing 2,100g. The iPad is
a limited-edition item of 10 units.

Sienna Miller Tapped as New Face of Piaget Collection

Actress Sienna Miller has been tapped as the new face of the Piaget
Possession gold collection, a range of gold and diamond jewellery. The
Possession collection – which features bracelets, chains and rings made from
yellow gold – is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with the release
of a series of images featuring the British actress wearing pieces from the

Patek Philippe Watch Nets Record Price at Auction

A one-of-a-kind 1943 Patek Philippe yellow gold wristwatch, considered the
Mona Lisa of 20th century wristwatches, sold for a record-breaking price at
auction on May 10. The timepiece, a perpetual calendar with moonphase
display, surpassed initial estimates of US$1.5-million to US$2.5-million
Swiss francs and sold for US$5.7-million at the Christie’s International
auction in Geneva. This is the first time in 20 years this model has been

Jorg Gray to Launch New Watch Collections

U.S. watch company Jorg Gray has launched a complete collection of men’s
and women’s timepieces. The line is worn by President Barack Obama and
William Shatner, and will include Swiss movements, chronograph functions,
sapphire crystals
and diamonds.

Chopard Celebrates Anniversary With Animal-Themed Collection

Luxury watch and jewellery manufacturer Chopard is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a 150-piece animal-themed Haute Joaillerie collection called Animal World. The animal theme was chosen by Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, the Geneva-based company’s co-president and artistic director. It features unexpected animals – including hippopotamuses, seahorses and rats – and gemstones such as kunzites, moonstones, Paraiba tourmalines, pearls, quartz. One standout piece, a bib necklace called The Clownfish, took 750 hours to complete and is set with 2,160 stones including diamonds, aquamarines, moonstones, quartz, topaz and sapphires.

CJA Announces Brand New Foreign Exchange Group Savings Program

CJA launches the new group savings program regarding foreign exchange and wire transfers. CJA reached out to a number of companies involved in foreign exchange (FX) to obtain a number of proposals to consider. After an extensive review, the Association decided to go with Cambridge Mercantile Group. Cambridge Mercantile Group clearly stood out from the pack, and they had the most competitive transaction rates and spreads for foreign exchange. We found them to have an effective online solution, which is in the near future going to evolve to a state of the art way of handling transactions and will be very user-friendly.

The FX program is available to be taken advantage of by all our members at anytime starting now.

We would encourage you to open the attached document from Cambridge Mercantile Group, and review the many features of the program. By opening the attachment, you will see the many offerings such as free wire transfers, and how easy it is to register your company’s account online.

Please note, Cambridge Mercantile Group is a leading foreign exchange dealer that has been in business for over 19 years. With almost 10,000 corporate clients and offices across North America and Europe, their objective is to help you save time and money on international payables and receivables. The rates you receive from Cambridge are real-time quotes and extremely competitive. They are proud to provide you with an exceptional level of personal service, rarely provided by the large commercial banks. To set up an account with Cambridge Mercantile Group, please follow these steps: Go to www.cambridgefx.com, click on “Resources” and move down and choose “Downloads” from the drop down list. Once you are on the downloads page, please contact Sam Small (contact information below) to direct you to the proper application and to set your company up. Don’t forget to mention to Sam that you are a member of CJA.

Interview with Raymond Weil CEO about Canadian distrbution change

Canadian Jeweller (CJ): Cloriano in Montreal has been your distributor in
Canada for decades. Why have you decided to make this change?

Olivier Bernheim (OB): It is true; we were partners for many years. Recently
it appeared to us that the time had come for a more personal commitment. We
felt that in order to achieve new objectives regarding the brand’s
development and sustainable growth in Canada, this was the necessary change.
In addition, it is the natural evolution for a company whose leitmotif is
‘Independence is a state of mind.’

CJ: Will the distribution be handled by the U.S. office or from Geneva? Will
any watches be warehoused in Canada?

OB: Distribution will be handled out of the Raymond Weil Genève US office by
a dedicated Canadian team. Watches will be available to the market and press
via the New York office.

CJ: Will Nouran Chahinian be continuing to represent the brand in Canada? If
not, who will the new representative be?

OB: Mr. Chahinian will no longer be an authorized representative for the
brand. The Canadian market will be represented by the following: Pierre
Bernheim, director of international sales and grandson of Raymond Weil;
Daniel Lepage, general sales agent; and Dan Lewis, western sales agent.
Between them, Daniel Lepage and Dan Lewis have 22 years of experience with
Raymond Weil.
CJ: What will be the main change for retailers? Advantages? Disadvantages?

OB: We have a lot in common with our Canadian retailers, as we are both
family-owned and run. We share a common goal: to build the future of our
brand. Together, we can develop the business and strengthen the achievement
of new objectives regarding our development and sustainable growth in the
Canadian market. The establishment of our structure for Canada will allow
for more direct communication, a better understanding of global initiatives,
more proximity, reactivity and develop a concrete foundation on which to
build our long-term partnerships.

CJ: Will delivery, shipment and payment terms change?

OB: Any changes will only be based on the necessity to enhance
service and

CJ: Will you be offering any new retailer support programs in terms
of POS
merchandising, in-store boutiques, etc?

OB: We will be implementing the universal brand image throughout Canada.
This does include in-store boutiques, merchandising, marketing and
advertising. We have already begun this phase and will continue the
enhancement throughout all retail locations. This is the first and one of
the most exciting elements of the new Raymond Weil Canada exclusive
CJ: How has the brand changed over the past five years, in terms of product
offering and price points?

OB: Raymond Weil stands out for its dynamic and pioneering character,
constantly striving to create timepieces, which represent the brand’s values
of independence, creativity and watchmaking savoir-faire at attractive
prices. The strategy adopted in recent years has contributed to Raymond
Weil’s impact on the watch-making world. Key factors in the firm’s success
include the constant renewal of its product range, introduction of new,
increasingly sophisticated mechanical timepieces, and the strengthening of
collections positioned at the lower end of the price range.

CJ: Going forward, what can we expect from the brand in 2011? What are your
plans for growing the Raymond Weil business in Canada?

OB: Canada was among the first countries (out of 90) that sell Raymond Weil
watches today; having established a Canadian distribution in 1979, it has
long been part of the brand history. Today, our family is committed to
strengthening the luxury watchmaking legitimacy of the brand by creating an
even more appealing image and developing new models which meet higher
quality standards that reflect the evolution and creativity of Raymond Weil.
Through the implementation of a more selective distribution policy in
Canada, we aim to enhance our presence and market visibility, while offering
refined luxury timepieces at attractive prices.

CJ: You launched a new ladies model in 2009. Where do you see the future of
Raymond Weil watch designs and are there other new collections planned? What
is your biggest seller in Canada?

OB: Consistent with international trends, Canada’s best selling collections
are currently Noemia and Freelancer. Our timepieces stand out for their high
quality precious materials and their emphasis on aesthetic appeal. With an
already strong core of men’s and ladies’ classic timepieces, Raymond Weil
continues to develop a modern and diversified brand by refining the
horological segment of its new and existing mechanical timepieces.

CJ: How many retail outlets do you have now in Canada? Do you plan to
increase/reduce that number?

OB: Currently we have opened 80 points of sale throughout Canada. In order
to build on our exclusivity, Raymond Weil Canada will look to promote those
accounts. It will also create some new partnerships that we believe possess
a strong growth potential in regions or cities where we can expand

Frederique Constant Official Timekeeper of The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge

Frédérique Constant is proud and honored to have been selected as the Official Timekeeper of The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, taking place from September 10th till October 16th, 2010.

Frédérique Constant will be the exclusive sponsor of this legendary and prestigious classic car event, of which the first edition took place as far back as 1907.

The idea for the race came from a challenge published in the Paris newspaper Le Matin on January 31st 1907, that stated:

"What needs to be proved today is that as long as a man has a car, he can do anything and go anywhere. Is there anyone who will undertake the challenge to travel from Peking to Paris by automobile?"

The route for the 2010 edition of 'The Ultimate Driving Adventure' runs from the Great Wall in China, through Mongolia, then briefly into Russia before turning south west into Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and via Turkey, Greece and Italy into France to finish on the famous Place Vendôme in Paris. The trail follows the historic Silk Route and the participating drivers will have days off in fabled cities such as Almaty and Samarkand.

During this extremely demanding road rally, no less than 230 drivers and navigators ˆ and their 165 classic and vintage cars dating from the 1920s to the 1960s ˆ will cover over 16'000 km (9'000 miles) in approximately five weeks time.

For Frédérique Constant, sponsoring the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge forms an exciting and logical new chapter in its history of being part of classic car events around the world. If there is one element that is required to take part in the Peking to Paris Rally, it is true Passion. It is this same Passion that guides Frédérique Constant on its highly successful journey through the world of luxury watchmaking.

Under the premise of its slogan 'Live your Passion' the brand encourages people around the world to follow their passion. Being part of The Great Peking to Paris Expedition perfectly reflects this devotion. All participating cars will bear the Frédérique Constant logo, and both the driver and the navigator of the winning equippe will be awarded with an exclusive Frédérique Constant timepiece, upon their glorious arrival in Paris.

WJA awards $20,000 in student scholarships

The Women’s Jewelry Association Scholarship Committee has awarded $20,000 in scholarships to six students. Funds for the scholarships are generated through donations and purchases during the Silent Auction held in conjunction with WJA’s Awards for Excellence Gala. This year, the gala will be on Mon., July 26 at Pier 60 in New York City.

Lisa Slovis Mandel, WJA national scholarship chairperson, explained that WJA offered scholarships in two categories: 1) Designer scholarships based on slide entries of finished pieces, and 2) Non-designer scholarships based on essays from students training to become bench jewelers, appraisers, gemologists, retailers, and other jewelry career professionals. The association received applications from students attending 40 different schools.


$5,000 June Herman Scholarship
Sara Gallo-Cornell – Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Gallo-Cornell is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She would like to inspire future generations of art students and help them through the learning process.

$3,500 Scholarship
Hyeyeon Park– Rhode Island School of Design
Park impressed the jurors with her unique draping of jewelry over the shoulder and at the neckline. She will be starting her Master of Fine Arts program in the fall.

$3,500 Scholarship
Jungwha Kim – Long Beach City College
Kim has been inspired by abstract painting to incorporate found objects into her metalwork, meeting the challenge of creating fine jewelry with these undefined organic forms.

$2,500 Scholarship
Avery Lucas – University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

$2,000 Scholarship
April Field – University of the Arts-Philadelphia


$3,500 Scholarship
Brittany Cox – West Dean College, Conservation of Clocks
Cox is studying to become a mechanical music, automaton conservationist. She has completed a one-year SAWTA/WOSTEP certified Swiss Watch Making School and is presently at the West Dean College in England. Cox is WJA’s first recipient enrolled in a program outside the United States.

Scholarship Program:
On behalf of the scholarship winners, WJA thanks those who contributed to the Scholarship Program through donations and purchases during the Silent Auction, which is held in conjunction with WJA’s Awards for Excellence Gala, This year, the gala will be on Mon. July 26 at Chelsea Pier in New York City. The association gratefully acknowledges all sponsors for their contributions, including the generous support of the Marilyn DaSilva Fund.

The Scholarship Committee comprises Lisa Slovis Mandel (Scholarship Committee chairperson), Jayne Schultz, Belinda Duva, Karen Golembeski, Karen Janowski, Kendra Bridel-Weinman, Lita Asscher, Corrie Slivia, Carole Diamond, Kimarie Brunette, Betty Sue King, Alix Hart, and Anne Blumer.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Israeli Diamond Industry Reaches Out to India at IIJS Mumbai

The Israeli Diamond Industry is once again participating in the India International Jewelry Show (IIJS) to be held in Mumbai from August 19 – 23, 2010. An Israel Diamond Pavilion, organized by the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI) will include 7 Israeli companies. This is the third time that IDI has organized a national pavilion at the show.

IDI sources said that interest in exhibiting in the show was high and space was limited, thereby creating a waiting list of Israeli companies. The companies exhibiting are: AG Diamond Direct Ltd., EZ Diamonds, Hausman Diamond Manufacturers, Julius Klein – Eliaz Diamonds, Niru Diamonds, Schachter & Namdar Asia and Shlomo Bichachi Diamonds Ltd.

As in previous years IDI will have an image booth within the pavilion at 1B037, which will provide buyers with information about the Israeli Diamond Industry and the advantages of doing business with Israel, and will register industry members for the Israeli Diamond Industry Portal site and on-line data base.

IDI Chairman Moti Ganz said that it was very important for the Israeli Diamond Industry to forge ties with the Indian industry. “As two of the world’s leading diamond centers, Israel and India can complement each other in both manufacturing and trading. We believe in the great potential of this enormous market, which is growing at a very rapid pace,” he said.

IDI Managing Director Eli Avidar said that the institute was actively supporting the enhancement of ties between the two diamond industries. “We encourage Israeli companies to explore business opportunities with the growing Indian market. Our belief in the Indian diamond industry has led us to initiate memorandums of understanding with the GJEPC and the GJF, which were signed in late 2009 and early 2010. We look forward to strengthening the ties between the industries in the coming IIJS show,” said Avidar.

First course in eco-sustainable jewellery design

The Politecnico di Milano has announced that it will conduct its first-ever international course in eco-sustainable jewellery design from March 14 to March 19, 2011. The course is being organised in cooperation with CIBJO and the World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation (WJCEF), which is the body established by CIBJO to advance the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in the jewellery industry.
"What do we mean when we say 'eco-sustainable jewellery'?" said Professor Alba Cappellieri, who is in charge of the curriculum at the Politecnico di Milano 's Interdisciplinary School of Design. "We refer to jewellery that promotes both social and environmental sustainability. That means it complies with the principle that it meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is prerequisite that we developed together with CIBJO and WJCEF, which are the only bodies in the international jewellery sector to be formally affiliated to the development programme of the United Nations."
The course will be conducted in English at the Politecnico di Milano's POLI.design campus in Milan. It will include two parts, with the first dealing with the theory of eco-sustainable jewellery (7 hours) and the second part being a hands-on workshop (28 hours). Instruction will be provide by lecturers from the design department of the Politecnico di Milano and world renowned experts in sustainable jewellery design, who will work together with the students on their practical assignments.
A maximum of 30students will be admitted to the course, and attendance will be mandatory in order to graduate.
Applicants for the course should be first and second level graduates holding a high school-level diploma from an art school or goldsmith institute, as well as professional jewellers wishing to specialize in eco-sustainable jewellery design. Candidates will be accepted following an evaluation by the acceptance committee of their professional curriculum vitae (CV).
The cost of the eco-sustainable jewellery design € 1,000 plus 20 percent VAT. Number of scholarships will be available, and in order to apply for one candidates should email their application forms and CVs to formazione@polidesign.net at the Politecnico di Milano by October 30, 2010.
Founded in 1863, the Politecnico di Milano is the oldest university in Milan. With about 38,000 students, it the largest technical university in Italy.
For more information about the eco-sustainable jewellery design, please contact:
Ufficio Coordinamento Formazione
Via Durando 38/a_20158 Milano, Italy
Tel: +39 02 2399 7275
Fax: +39 02 2399 7217
Email: formazione@polidesign.net
Website: www.polidesign.net

James McTamney & Co, Inc celebrates 150th anniversary

This year, Toronto jeweller James McTamney & Co, Inc celebrates its 150th anniversary. McTamney’s is renowned for its fine selection of vintage and new jewellery, watches, custom jewellery design, intriguing selection of giftware, and superb customer service.

McTamney’s began in 1860 when John Fleming and two partners founded a land bailiff operation. They quickly diversified: today McTamney’s is pre-eminently a jeweller. In the late 1880s, Fleming hired McTamney, who gradually bought out Fleming, completing the deal in 1908. McTamney renamed the business James McTamney & Co. His descendents have been owner/operators ever since: Current President Chris Shortt and his wife Floreen, who is Vice President, are the fourth generation, and their son Jeffrey, who is in sales, is the fifth.

McTamney’s has been at its present location at 139 Church Street since 1916. It is as much a Toronto landmark as the Metropolitan Church across the street. To mark the anniversary, McTamney’s is hosting a “then and now” celebration, Gold Rush Days, for 250 distinguished guests. The store is “now,” showcasing McTamney’s vendors. Guests enjoy refreshments before ambling across Church Street to “then”, a marquee tent on the grounds of the Metropolitan Church. More refreshments will be served while guests listen to live music. The event will be held on September 16, 2010.

McTamney’s is publishing a keepsake book, “Good as Gold” and sponsoring a design competition for students in the Jewellery Design program at George Brown College, Toronto. $150 from every piece sold goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

IDC Rules in Russian at 34th World Diamond Congress in Moscow

The International Diamond Council (IDC) released the Russian translation of the "IDC Rules for Grading Diamonds" today in Moscow, on occasion of the 34th World Diamond Congress, the biennial congress of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA).

During a short ceremony, IDC chairman Stephane Fischler presented a bound copy of the Russian language version of the IDC Rules to Sergey Oulin, chairman of the Diamond Chamber of Russia, and host of the congress.

In his address, Fischler noted that the distribution of the IDC Rules in other languages, in addition to the authoritative English version, would make a significant contribution toward the proliferation of a single, authoritative, international set of diamond nomenclature in markets that until recently had had little or no access to the information and therefore could not be shared with consumers.

"This indeed is the core mission of the IDC: a globally accepted, clear and transparent grading nomenclature, to secure and enhance consumer confidence in polished diamonds," Fischler stated.

Fischler said the Chinese translation was published in June as the first of a series of translations that IDC aims to make available. "Last month, the IDC rules were published in Chinese. The release of the rules in Russian are yet another step in making them accessible to a wider audience," he said. "We are now looking at translating the rules in other languages such Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian and French," he noted.

Fischler called upon the delegates of the WFDB and IDMA to support the creation of additional translation projects. "You are in an ideal position to assist in creating translations and your members will the first to enjoy the immediate benefit of having the rules available in their own languages," he noted.

The IDC Rules and the translations in Russian and Chinese are now available for downloading from the IDC website.

Sonia Piliguian joins Noble

We at Noble are thrilled to announce the addition of Sonia Piliguian to our team of experts. She will be working in a leadership capacity in our newly restructured Tools & Equipment division. Sonia has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the tools and equipment industry with over 25 years of working experience as the owner of Piliguian Machine & Tool. A well known figure in the jewelry tool trade, Sonia will be pleased to answer all of your questions and assist you to chose the right tools, equipment, findings and specialized products. She is available for in-person consultation Monday through Friday in the newly designed Noble showroom – stop by any time for advice, information, and overthe-counter purchasing! If you cannot make it to our showroom, you can contact Sonia by phone at 514-278-8500 ext. 2118 or via e-mail at sonia.piliguian@noblepack.com.

Sirius Star Diamond in select jewellers throughout Western Canada and select US markets

Embee Diamonds’ Sirius Star Diamond, a new diamond shape with 81 facets - is now available to an exclusive network of leading independent jewellers across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. These established independent jewellers are all respected and trusted diamond specialists and in months to come will offer the largest selection of Sirius Star diamonds, in a range of sizes and prices, polished by master diamond cutter Mike Botha and his growing team of Canadian cutters and polishers, handpicked from all over Canada.

Smokecloak Instant Protection for Jewellers

Smokecloak is a security device that on detection of a burglar into your business will activate and fill a predetermined space with a harmless dense vapour that will drive the thieves from your premises. We have been in use in Canada for 15 years and have thwarted many attacks on jewellers across the country. In one instance, as seen in these pictures of a real attack, the thieves left the store in less than 9 seconds empty handed.

Smokecloak is a safe and legal way of protecting your premises. The vapour is harmless and will not damage your property. The Office of the Fire Marshal has confirmed that Smokecloak can be legally installed if proper procedures are followed as outlined in the Canadian Security Association Installation Guidelines for Security Systems.

Specifically for the Canadian market, the Smokecloak products are certified to Canadian Electrical Standards by ITS and carry the ETL and CETL marks.

Smokecloak Instant Protection can be installed in premises in Canada with ULC certified alarm systems as long as they are connected to a separate burglar alarm system.

Smokecloak Instant Protection carries a worldwide insurance policy that covers liability and failure to perform in excess of $18,000,000.00.

Smoke & Screen Security Systems will give you a substantial discount if you are a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association. If you are not a member, we will pay your membership for one year so you can realize the benefit that membership has to offer.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kevin Paul at 1-888-376-6533 or email kgpaul@rogers.com. For more detailed information, visit our website at www.smokecloak.com.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Frederique Constant hosted a glamorous dinner in New York City, celebrating the Passion Awards for Charity 2010

Frederique Constant hosted the intimate Passion Awards for Charity Dinner at Cipriani Wall Street, awarding the American Heart Association with a $50,000 check for their charitable efforts to prevent heart disease and stroke. Frederique Constant’s Founder & CEO Peter Stas presented the check to Senior Vice President Helaine Baruch of the American Heart Association, witnessed by over 80 guests. Just as Frederique Constant’s success was built on passion, the people behind the American Heart Association passionately go ‘the extra mile’ to keep America’s hearts healthy. Actress Candice Accola from CW’s hit show The Vampire Diaries attended to accept the check together with Helaine Baruch.

Helaine Baruch said: “Like Frederique Constant, the American Heart Association is also driven by passion. All of our work is done with one goal in mind – to create a world free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. That’s our passion.”

Candice Accola said: “This evening as we speak about passion, Frederique Constant has recognized the American Heart Association for it's passionate work in saving lives. The American Heart Association continues to remind us of the importance of keeping a healthy heart. And after all, doesn't passion come from the heart?”.

The overriding factor for the success of Frederique Constant has been Passion. Passion that made Peter & his wife Aletta evolve from lovers of fine watches into global producers. This is why the company slogan has always been ‘Live your Passion’. And why for the third time, Peter & Aletta are proud to announce the Frederique Constant Passion Awards. Through these awards, they personally aim to reward charitable organizations that are driven by Passion, and celebrate and support their entrepreneurial success. The Passion Awards have evolved in to an institution through which Frederique Constant gives back to society, and namely to people that are less fortunate.

Peter Stas said: “Driven by Passion since we started our company, Frederique Constant is honored tonight to award the American Heart Association and their passionate projects to safe lives. We wish and hope that our donation will permit them to actualize their goal.”

Winners of the previous editions of the Frédérique Constant Passion Awards are Dr. William Novick of the International Children's Heart Foundation and Mrs. Laura Cotton of the Paint a Smile Foundation.

CIBJO, Peruvian government and industry associations agree to establish $6.2 million sustainable jewellery training programme

CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, has reached a multilateral cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Peru (Mincetur). The agreement involves the establishment of a U.S. $6.2 million training programme, designed to improve the skills and efficiencies of 12,000 Peruvian jewellery artisans, as a first step to building a sustainable, responsible and ethical jewellery industry in Peru.

Also party to the agreement are the Peruvian Exporters' Association (Adex) and the National Service of Occupational Training in Industry (Senati). It was finalised on July 3 in Lima, the Peruvian capital.

Called "Fortalecimiento de Capacidades de la Joyería Artesanal en el marco de la Responsabilidad Social y Comercio Justo" (Building the Capacity of the Jewellery Crafts in the context of Social Responsibility and Fair Trade), the programme will be implemented over a period of at least three years in five regions of Peru, namely Arequipa, Cajamarca, Cusco, Lima and Piura. CIBJO, together with its CSR educational arm, the World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation (WJCEF), will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of tools and services from around the world to assist the programme in meeting its goals.

"This is a very exciting challenge and opportunity, not only for CIBJO, but for all members of the jewellery sector around the world," said CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri. "As a leading producer of both gold and silver, Peru is keen to expand its jewellery manufacturing sector, not only to improve the added value that it receives from its natural resources, but also to provide its citizens with new sustainable economic opportunities. We hope to involve as many of our members as possible from around the world, enabling the Peruvian industry to benefit from our collective knowledge and experience, and so demonstrate the commitment of our industry to proactive CSR and helping meet the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals."

Erin Tracy Designs launches new studio in Toronto's Liberty Village

Erin Tracy (www.erintracydesigns.com) is noted for her exquisite engagement and bridal rings but also specializes in fashion rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Tracy has recently re-located to a beautiful space in Liberty Village.

“I place importance on the process of the designing and creating pieces that have a presence on the body, and that will allow for individual connection between the wearer and the work,” says designer and owner Erin Tracy. “When working on bridal pieces, I focus on making sure that they will be treasured for a lifetime and they reflect the individual – not just what is trendy this season.”

Erin Tracy Designs has been attracting attention from people all over the globe with excellence in craftsmanship and innovation of material use and combination. The designer brings a passion and influence from her travels and the world around her and combines materials such as gold and wood, rich colors and versatile shapes - perfect for making a statement this summer and beyond.

She promotes customized jewelry because the wedding is only one day of your life; the rings will continue to live on and are constant reminders of the special union that you have.

After six years in business, Erin Tracy Designs has acquired a distinguished place in the jewelry industry. The Canadian company is now renowned internationally for the elegance and simplicity of their handcrafted jewelries. Erin Tracy specializes in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The choices and combination of materials such as gold and wood, rich colors and versatile shapes set Erin Tracy Designs apart.

Tracy’s philosophy is to create the most suitable jewelry, that is, to create a true relationship between the individual and the ornament. Thousands have been touched by her ability to transpose the most complex ideas into simplistic elegance.

Having built a strong reputation in North America, the collections have been featured in various trade shows, commercials, and editorial shoots. In 2004, after participating in a worldwide-juried competition, Tracy was picked to feature her work in the Lark’s Book 1000 rings. Moreover, since graduation from the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design, Tracy won the Women’s Mining Association of Canada award from the Ontario Craft Council in 2003, and is also a two-time winner of the Carol Rapp Award from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2002-2003.

Longines re-issues a timepiece that was specially designed for Charles Lindbergh

In 1933 the American aviator Charles Lindbergh set off with his wife on a trip of 47,000 km around the North Atlantic. Having achieved a remarkable technical and human feat in being the first man to fly non-stop across the North Atlantic in his Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh wanted to explore possible future air routes across the far north before returning to the USA via Cape Verde and Brazil. The equipment Lindbergh took with him on his long expedition included a wrist chronograph created specially by Longines for this very purpose. Today Longines is re-issuing this exceptional timepiece, known as the Longines Lindbergh’s Atlantic Voyage Watch, as a tribute to the historical feat achieved by this pioneer of the skies.

In the wake of his solo flight in 1927 from New York to Paris – the first non-stop flight across the North Atlantic – Charles Lindbergh gained international fame and was in great demand by aviation companies, which were being developed at the time. Wanting to be of service, Lindbergh decided in 1933 to investigate possible air routes across the far north with his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The young couple set off from New York on a trip of some 47,000 km that would take them to New Foundland, Greenland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, the Azores, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde before returning to the USA via the Gambia, Brazil and Cuba.

For this expedition, Lindberg decided to take a powerful aircraft with a 710 hp engine and a variable propeller. He also took two radios and an inflatable canoe in case they were forced to eject from the aircraft. During their trip, they christened their plane the Tingmissartoq, which is an Inuit word meaning “the one that flies like a great bird”. Lindbergh’s navigational instruments included a directional gyroscope, an artificial horizon, an icing gauge and two aperiodic compasses, all of which were the very latest equipment at that time. But Lindbergh also took with him a Longines chronograph developed specially for his flight to Greenland and the far north.

This time-piece had a wristwatch chronograph movement with a 30-minute counter. It measured time to the fifth of a second and the chronograph mechanism also had a tachymeter that could measure speeds of up to 500 kph. With the flying conditions that were experienced by the Lindberghs, a reliable time-piece was one of the final safeguards as far as navigational instruments were concerned.

Longines’ creation of this timepiece for the Lindberghs’ trip around the North Atlantic was evidence of the confidence that the American aviator had in the Swiss watch manufacturer. In 1927 the time-measuring instruments created by Longines enabled the International Aeronautical Federation, for which the company had been an official supplier since 1919, to measure the duration of Lindbergh’s flight from New York to Paris with great precision.

Subsequently, by virtue of his experience as a pilot and navigator, Lindbergh devised a system to improve the aerial and nautical navigation of the period. He contacted Longines, who put his invention into practice by producing the Lindbergh Hour Angle watch. Together with a sextant and a nautical almanac, the watch could be used to determine geographical position by calculating one’s exact longitude. In 1933, to mark its productive collaboration with Lindbergh, Longines designed the watch chronograph especially for the Lindbergh’s’ trip around the North Atlantic.
Today, Longines is re-issuing this time-piece under the name of the Longines Lindbergh’s Atlantic Voyage Watch as a tribute to the long trip undertaken by the couple across the far north. This mechanical wrist chronograph has a diameter of 47.50 mm and a self-winding movement. Just like the original model, it has small seconds at 9 o’clock and a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock. The time and time measurements are displayed using hands of blued steel on a silvered dial with a white surround and the watch has a tachymeter for measuring speeds of up to 500 kph. The model has a sapphire glass and a solid case back that protects a transparent back cover through which the workings of the movement can be admired. The watch is mounted on a genuine brown alligator strap. The new versions are in either steel or rose gold. The Longines Lindbergh’s Atlantic Voyage Watch constitutes an exquisite contemporary version of a timepiece that was part of a great aeronautical adventure.

The Longines Lindbergh Atlantic Voyage is available for $5,800 at authorized retailers across Canada.

Birks Donates $42,500 to the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams Via the Canadian Olympic Foundation

BIRKS, the official jewellery supplier for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic
Winter Games, presented a cheque in the amount of $42,500 to the Canadian Olympic Foundation in support of Canadian
Olympic and Paralympic athletes. This donation comes from a portion of the proceeds from sales of BIRKS’ Vancouver
2010 Olympic Collection of jewellery, gifts and accessories designed, made and retailed by BIRKS.
“BIRKS’ involvement in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games has surpassed all of our expectations. We are happy to be
able to continue to support our Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes as they strive for excellence and innovation –
these being core values that guide our Company,” stated Thomas Andruskevich, President and CEO of Birks & Mayors
“We are so thrilled to accept this generous gift in support of our Canadian athletes. BIRKS has always produced pieces
with the highest standards of quality and their Vancouver 2010 Olympic Collection was no different. They made it possible
to bring home a beautiful keepsake of the Games while helping our athletes achieve their dreams,” said France Chrétien
Desmarais, President of the Canadian Olympic F oundation.
BIRKS also looks ahead to supporting an Olympian’s favorite cause. BIRKS will hold an exclusive fundraiser supporting
brand ambassador Jenn Heil’s favorite charity campaign Because I Am A Girl on September 30th 2010 at the Montreal
flagship store.

IDMA has busy agenda for 34th World Diamond Congress in Moscow

With the 34th World Diamond Congress less then three weeks away, the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) is setting its agenda for the three day-event.

"The developments in the rough diamond market and the way these affect our businesses will be at the top of our agenda," said IDMA President Moti Ganz. "In Moscow, we will take a good look at the difficult position of diamond manufacturers in the supply pipeline. On the one hand, we continue to buy rough diamonds for cash payments, while on the other our clients continue to demand we provide them with favourable, long-term credit for the polished goods we produce," the IDMA president stated.

Ganz said that diamond manufacturers are determined to phase out their traditional role as those who bear the brunt of the financial burden in the diamond supply pipeline. "The recent economic crisis has driven home the message that the financing structure of the diamond supply pipeline needs to change and that its burden must be carried by all parties throughout the pipeline and not only by the manufacturers."

International diamond industry analyst Chaim Even Zohar will present an overview of the rough diamond market to IDMA members, while Dione Kenyon, President of the US Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) will address the issue of credit in the jewelry industry. The JBT is renowned for its directory, commonly dubbed the "Red Book," that offers a detailed credit rating of its listed members. "We need to learn or re-learn how to work in the downstream market and assure that those to whom we sell our diamonds are worthy of being entrusted with our goods," Ganz said.

Other speakers will be Sergey Oulin, president of the Russian Diamond Chamber and the host of 34th WDC, as well as Matt Runci, president of Jewelelrs of America (JA) and the Responsibile Jewelry Council (RJC).

The outcome of the intersessional Kimberley Process meeting held in Tel Aviv last week ,where members were unable to reach a decision regarding diamonds from Marange in Zimbabwe, will also be discussed. "The untenable situation in the Marange diamonds fields will be part of our intensive discussions during the congress. At this point in time, we can only hope that the government of Zimbabwe will refrain from making any diamond shipments until all parties are in agreement," Ganz stated.

WFDB President issues stern warning regarding Marange Diamonds

Further to the KP intersessional meeting and in anticipation of the forthcoming 34th World Diamond Congress and WDC meeting in Russia, Avi Paz, president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) called upon all stakeholders -- governments, NGOs and industry members -- to cooperate in working towards a solution to the Marange Mine issue that would be viable and acceptable to all sides.

In the meantime, Mr. Paz issued a stern warning to members of the industry, reminding them that diamonds originating from Marange should not be purchased until approved by the Kimberley Process Working Group on Monitoring. As no approval has yet been given, any member found doing so will be subject to WFDB disciplinary procedures.

Mr. Paz hailed the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and emphasized the exemplary role the diamond industry plays in advancing complete transparency in the rough diamond supply pipeline.
He also praised the work of KP Chairman Boaz Hirsch, World Diamond Council President Eli Izhakoff, Stephane Chardon, Chair of the Working Group on Monitoring (WGM), representatives of the various governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

"There is no other industry in the world that has taken regulatory measures similar to that of the KP," Paz said. "In addition, we have seen no other industries come together to assure that its products are untainted. The fact that the diamond industry is under scrutiny is because all parties who are involved have a common interest in protecting the integrity of the global diamond industry and trade, and as such advance consumer confidence in diamonds."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Signature Engraving Systems announces winners in second annual engraving and personalization contest.

Signature Engraving Systems recently announced the winners of their second annual Engraving Contest. Signature customers from around the county were invited to submit their most creative layout, most unique engraving, most profitable job and best story behind a special personalization.

The competition was designed to inspire customers to expand beyond traditional engraving pursuits and showcase unique ways to show off their Signature engraving skills and services. Submissions were collected and arranged in to the four categories.

“We received lots of fantastic entries from customers who were able to engrave some very unique items,” says Dawn Stevenson, Director of Operations for Signature Selections, a division of Signature Engraving Systems. “It was great to see how the machines are being used in ways we didn’t even anticipate. It was difficult to pick the winners because every entry was so impressive!”

Twelve contest winners were selected from a large pool of entries by Signature’s board of Directors. “I love to see our customers utilizing the incredible potential of our engraving systems,” says Chris Parent, President and CEO of Signature Engraving Systems. “This contest is great because it helps showcase how versatile our machines really are, and we get to recognize our customers’ engraving talents!”

Winners were officially announced June 4, 2010 at the JCK Show in Las Vegas. The grand prize, second place and third place winners will receive gift certificates good towards Signature Selections products. All entrants will receive a coupon good for 15% off their next Signature Selections giftware purchase.

Grand prize winners

Best Story Behind Engraving – Dana's Fine Jewelry - Newton, North Carolina
Created as a Christmas gift for the Grandmother who has everything, a photo album was personalized by adding her grandchildren’s scanned signatures in silver foil and filled with photos of the family.

Best Layout – Taylor's Gold-n-Stones, Inc. - Fairbanks, Alaska
Photographs of actual airplanes were scanned in, outlined and engraved on a rifle as a gift to an employee of the flight service. The gift brought a tear to his eyes.

Most Unique Engraving – Cher Lineberger - Newton, North Carolina
Embellished leather boots were personalized with gold foil to be a one of a kind accessory for a very pleased customer. “People love my boots and they always ask where I got them!”

Most Profitable Engraving Job – Grabados Monterrey- Laredo, Texas
To celebrate a distributor reaching one million dollars in sales, a commemorative award was engraved with a sliced faucet and the MOEN company logo, and mounted on a cherry wood plaque.

Royal Chain Group Unveils Dramatic New Catalog

Royal Chain Group, long regarded as the premier manufacturer and designer of precious metal jewelry has just introduced its new catalog — boasting 300 pages of brands in varied segments of the jewelry marketplace.

Royal Chain Group has evolved from its leadership role in the design and manufacture of 14K gold jewelry to a myriad of products — ranging from a notable collection of Sterling Silver, striking two tone products, an eclectic range of brilliant products for every retail jeweler's needs.

The catalog also features the collection from designer Phillip Gavriel, who has crafted innovative and eclectic jewelry including the Byzantine Filigree Collection — which offers a museum-like quality that is both proprietary and dramatically fashion forward. Further, Phillip Gavriel incorporates the Fleur de Lis into other aspects of the Phillip Gavriel brand collection to include Sterling Silver keys with Sapphires, Rubies, Diamonds, and more. The catalog is an essential and vital tool for jewelers, looking for immediate delivery of the brands depicted with the guarantees and terms that have made Royal Chain Group the premier purveyor of fine jewelry. Call 800-622-0960 or visit www.royalchain.com

WDC Calls for Continued Dialogue and Cooperation

Speaking on behalf of the diamond industry, the World Diamond Council (WDC) today called for all parties involved in the Kimberley Process to continue productive dialogue and co-operation.

Since its inception in 2003, the Kimberley Process (KP) has played a key role in the effort to eliminate the scourge of conflict diamonds from the global diamond trade.

At this year's Kimberley Process intersessional meeting in Tel Aviv, the Israel government hosted civil society, diamond industry and government representatives to discuss and address issues currently facing the international trade in diamonds.

There was disappointment that consensus agreement could not be reached regarding the status of exports from the Marange region of Zimbabwe. However, the World Diamond Council called for all Kimberley Process stakeholders to redouble their efforts to bring about a solution acceptable to all.

In recognition of the need for the Kimberley Process to evolve and improve, a one-day seminar was jointly convened by the diamond industry and Civil Society. The seminar, which included the participation of government members, concluded with an agreement to develop reforms that will further enhance the KP's ability to address challenges and opportunity in the future.

Another seminar took place to discuss more effective co-operation between the Kimberley Process and other sectors of government, including customs, security and border controls.

Eli Izhakoff, President of the World Diamond Council, said "the diamond industry welcomes these developments and has long been calling for sensible and appropriate reforms and greater co-operation within and between governments."

New York State To Provide Fund for Mortgages in International Gem Tower

Empire State Development announced today that New York State will make available up to $100 million in mortgage financing for purchasers of offices in the International Gem Tower through its Job Development Authority program.

“The International Gem Tower will further establish New York as the center of the international trade,” said Governor David A. Paterson. “Once completed, the Tower will rival leading competitors across the globe with its state-of-the-art technology, services and Foreign-Trade Zone designation. The International Gem Tower will also be instrumental in fostering economic activity abroad and expand the State’s presence around the world.”

Empire State Development Chairman Dennis M. Mullen explained, “The International Gem Tower is a transformational project, which will distinguish New York State, give us a competitive advantage in the global marketplace, and affirm New York State’s role as a leader in international trade and investment.”

“We are immensely proud of this project, and what it means to the City of New York,” said Gary Barnett, President of Extell Development. “The International Gem Tower is a wonder of state-of-the-art technology that will put New York at the heart of the world diamond and gem industry. The overall benefits and economic impact of this project will reverberate for decades.“

On May 27, the Foreign-Trade Zones Board of the United States Department of Commerce announced the approval of the International Gem Tower as a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ). “As a result, businesses located in the Tower will be permitted to import foreign merchandise without Customs entry or the payment of United States duties until the goods are sold. No duty will be payable on re-exported goods,” explained Raizy Haas. “We are offering complementary consultations with our FTZ consultant to interested diamond, gem and jewelry business owners who wish to understand exactly how much they can save by operating in a Foreign Trade Zone.”

When completed in 2012, the 34-story office tower on West 47th Street in the heart of New York's Diamond District will be an ultra-modern industry center designed exclusively for the international gem and jewelry trade. Wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers will be able to benefit from all of the features that the tower has to offer, which includes state-of-the-art security and vault operations, valet parking, restaurants, a full service executive club, and an on-site health and fitness center.

No Resolution of Kimberley Process Intersessional Meeting

The Intersessional Meeting of the Kimberley Process (KP), presided over by
Israel as Chair of the KP, has concluded today June 24th. On the agenda of the meeting
were a number of initiatives relating to the on-going work of the KP and to the
consolidation of the process such the creation of an office for administration and support and the establishment of a Working Group on Trade Facilitation. The center of attention, however, was the KP minimum standards implementation in the Marange diamond
fields in Zimbabwe.

The meeting convened in light of the second report of the KP monitor to Zimbabwe. In
question was the continued implementation of the Joint Work Plan (JWP), agreed upon
at the Plenary meeting in Swakopmund, Namibia in November 2009. The meeting was
clouded by the arrest of NGO activist Farai Mguwu by the Zimbabwean authorities three
weeks earlier and the reports of his condition.

The Intersessional could not reach consensus regarding the implementation of the JWP
and the work carried out by the KP Monitor to Marange. As such, the meeting ended at
an impasse. The KP Chair, Mr. Boaz Hirsch, has declared an impasse after night long
discussions through the morning and called for another a meeting to attempt to resolve
the differences followed by an extension to the Intersessional.

Mr. Hirsch, along with the Chair of the Working-Group on Monitoring, Mr. Stephane
Chardon and Mr. Eli Izhakoff, President of the World Diamond Council (WDC), played a
pivotal role in attempting to breach the gap between the sides. "This situation is
unprecedented in the Kimberley Process meeting," declared the Chair, "but all parties
are committed to further engagement. The KP is based on a partnership between
governments, the diamond industry and the civil society. I am committed to that end and
I have asked Mr. Izhakoff to jointly convene within the WDC Annual Meeting coming
July 14th-15th, in St. Petersburg, a mini-summit of the KP major stakeholders.
Deliberations will continue in order to find a consensus based resolution."

Israel will host the Plenary meeting in Jerusalem between the 1st and 4th of November of this year.

2010 JCK Toronto Enhances the Retailer Experience

Canada's passion for fine jewellery will be quite evident at the upcoming JCK Toronto Show, Sun. Aug. 8 - Tues. Aug. 10 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre's North Building. Created exclusively for the Canadian marketplace, JCK Toronto has begun a renewal process to enhance the Canadian retailer experience with innovation, increased networking opportunities, timely educational opportunities and the presence of over 150 designers, manufacturers and suppliers.

"The JCK Toronto team solicited and then incorporated feedback from both suppliers and retailers to create a new experience for the Canadian marketplace," said John Tierney, Event Director. "Some of the big changes that have occurred as a result of retailers' feedback include: The return to the August 8-10 timeframe; the preferred venue in the North Hall; and the visible presence of the educational sessions on the exhibition floor. This change makes it more efficient to learn from industry experts in an educational session and be able to participate in the many networking events while not cutting into retailers' buying time."

This year's educational sessions begin with an opening keynote by Shane Decker, from Ex-SELL-Ence, on "Advanced Strategies to Increase Closing Ratios." The sessions continue with educational tracks on the show floor organized into the following business-building categories: Business; Merchandising & Technology; Marketing; Color & Fashion; Manufacturing.

JCK Toronto's educational sessions will also tap into other hot demographic issues such as attracting the female self-purchaser, social media and using video for social media engagement with consumers and a fresh look at generational marketing.

This year, JCK Toronto will debut the Canadian Diamond Showcase, a dedicated focus to the robust Canadian Diamond sector. Retailers can preview the latest developments in the Canadian diamond industry and learn how embracing its many 'facets' can positively impact their business.

The HRA Group of Companies, including Crossworks Manufacturing and SGI, will host a diamond polishing event at JCK Toronto that will give a first hand view of the polishing of diamonds that are mined, cut and polished in Ontario. Showcasing the importance and excitement for diamonds a 70cts necklace made up of 25 rough diamonds will be on display. Designed by Reena Ahluwalia and manufactured by Jeff Miller, the piece was commissioned by the HRA Group of Companies to celebrate diamonds that originated from the De Beers Canada Victor Mine and the development of a secondary diamond industry in Ontario.

"The Future of the Diamond Industry will be explored in a featured keynote panel discussion moderated by Bhushan Vora, Gem Star Inc. and Diamond Bourse of Toronto," said Tierney. "In addition, we have a session on enhanced colorless, pink and yellow diamonds and how to identify them. There's a lot of interest in diamonds right now, particularly in Canada, and the bridal category remains healthy which is good for retailers."

Staying connected is a benefit to the overall experience at JCK Toronto. Follow us on Twitter, 'like' us on Facebook and join us on LinkedIn.

"JCK Toronto offers an effective buying experience for our members and we are proud to be the supporting association. Reed Exhibitions has created JCK Toronto with the Canadian market in mind, and we look forward to experiencing the best 'gold standard' aspects of JCK in Toronto this August," said Ken Mulhall, President & CEO, Canadian Jewellers Association.

For unique and one-of-a-kind product offerings, JCK Toronto will present the Design Centre. The Design Centre at JCK Toronto will provide a warm, inviting environment for a small selection of designer-owned companies with similar artistic, product and marketing missions. The goal is to offer retail buyers an organized and varied assortment of inspired, designer collections and designs.

JCK Toronto is part of the global network of JCK Events and is supported by the Canadian Jewellers Association with additional support from these media partners: Business magazine, Canadian Jeweller and JCK magazine.

"We are particularly excited about this year's event," said Tierney. "We want to encourage Canadian retailers to experience JCK Toronto as a great opportunity to enhance their businesses through educational programming, networking and special events. We look forward to seeing everyone in Toronto this August."

Richmond Hill, Ont.-based Beverly Hills Jewellery Welcomes New Reps

Beverly Hills Jewellery MFG. Ltd. of Richmond Hill, Ontario, is pleased to announce that two new representatives have joined our growing sales team. David Finlay will be anchoring the East Coast and Vern Schwarz will be covering Manitoba/Saskatchewan. Both of these gentlemen are no strangers to the industry and it is an honour
to have them both on board.

OMEGA opens a glamorous new boutique in Via Condotti

OMEGA celebrated the opening of its new boutique at Via Condotti 38-40, one of the world’s most glamorous shopping avenues. The new boutique, OMEGA’s second in Italy, was officially opened by Stephen Urquhart, president of OMEGA, who commented on the event, “We are very happy to have found such a prestigious location for our boutique in Rome. The new space in Via Condotti is the ideal setting for our brand and is the perfect complement to the other great OMEGA Boutiques in the world including those in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai.”

Joining him for the ribbon cutting were actress and OMEGA brand ambassador Caterina Murino, Laura Petrini, Manager of Swatch Group Italy and Andrea Nunziata, Brand Manager of Omega Italy.

The Boutique, with a total floor space of 240 square metres over three levels, has a uniquely Roman blend of elements – it is at once historic and contemporary. It is located in an 18th century building which is also home to the beautiful Church of Santissima Trinità. In fact, some of the Boutique’s windows look directly into the church’s garden. It is OMEGA’s 60th corporate flagship boutique.

Celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sport posed on the red carpet for OMEGA and included Margherita Bui, Enrico Lo Verso, Carolina Crescentini and Milly Carlucci along with Antonio Rossi, Pietro Mennea and Massimiliano Rosolino with his partner Natalia Titov.

The celebrities were joined by 300 invited guests at the opening ceremony which began at 7 p.m.

Following the opening at the Boutique, the festivities continued at the Casina Valadier, with the Co-Axial Cocktail Party, which was attended by customers, journalists, actors and celebrities who welcomed OMEGA to the Eternal City. OMEGA is one of the world’s best-known watch brands with global reputation based on its conquest in space (including all six lunar landings), its 162-year history of watchmaking innovation and its role as Official Timekeeper at 24 Olympic Games.