Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CJA Announces Brand New Foreign Exchange Group Savings Program

CJA launches the new group savings program regarding foreign exchange and wire transfers. CJA reached out to a number of companies involved in foreign exchange (FX) to obtain a number of proposals to consider. After an extensive review, the Association decided to go with Cambridge Mercantile Group. Cambridge Mercantile Group clearly stood out from the pack, and they had the most competitive transaction rates and spreads for foreign exchange. We found them to have an effective online solution, which is in the near future going to evolve to a state of the art way of handling transactions and will be very user-friendly.

The FX program is available to be taken advantage of by all our members at anytime starting now.

We would encourage you to open the attached document from Cambridge Mercantile Group, and review the many features of the program. By opening the attachment, you will see the many offerings such as free wire transfers, and how easy it is to register your company’s account online.

Please note, Cambridge Mercantile Group is a leading foreign exchange dealer that has been in business for over 19 years. With almost 10,000 corporate clients and offices across North America and Europe, their objective is to help you save time and money on international payables and receivables. The rates you receive from Cambridge are real-time quotes and extremely competitive. They are proud to provide you with an exceptional level of personal service, rarely provided by the large commercial banks. To set up an account with Cambridge Mercantile Group, please follow these steps: Go to www.cambridgefx.com, click on “Resources” and move down and choose “Downloads” from the drop down list. Once you are on the downloads page, please contact Sam Small (contact information below) to direct you to the proper application and to set your company up. Don’t forget to mention to Sam that you are a member of CJA.

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