Tuesday, December 7, 2010

John de Jong Celebrates 15 Years with a Bash!


Peterborough Jewellery Store Robbed on Dec. 6


Fabergé Announce Historic Unveiling of the "Le Carnet de Bal" All White Diamond Collection


6-Month Complimentary Membership to The Jewelers Board of Trade

The Canadian Jewellers Association has introduced a new member benefit program to The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT). JBT is the only credit reporting service dedicated specifically to the jewellery industry in the U.S. and Canada. A not-for-profit member-supported organization, JBT has provided vital credit information and collections support to its members for over 125 years. This complimentary package to an introductory JBT membership will allow CJA members to participate in JBT's premium interchange information-sharing platform. Participation will enable your company to experience the benefits it brings in the form of credit monitoring services, customized reporting, access to industry data, online functionality, 24/7 service, and managed by a team of JBT staff dedicated to the Canadian market. Qualified member participants will receive the following: Instant credit ratings/reports for over 70,000 U.S.-based and Canadian companies/individuals in the jewellery industry available online 24/7; 25 Free Credit Reports; and more. To qualify, CJA supply members must complete JBT application forms as well as submit accounts receivable aging and customer listing files upon application and each month during the Introductory membership period. To apply, contact Erica D'Ambrosio at JBT by calling 401-467-0055 ext. 3410 or email Erica at edambrosio@jewelersboard.com.

Rio Tinto Commits to the Chinese Diamond Industry

Rio Tinto confirmed the important role China will play in the long term sales and marketing strategy for its diamonds portfolio. Speaking at the 2010 China Diamond Conference in Shanghai, Mr Jean-Marc Lieberherr, general manager for the sales and marketing of all diamonds from Rio Tinto's mines, commented, “Diamonds have a small but important position in Rio Tinto’s diverse portfolio and attract much attention because of their growth potential. We see China playing an important role in that growth.” Rio Tinto recently launched its strategic partnership with leading Chinese retailer, Chow Tai Fook, to develop a fashion jewellery category, separate to the existing bridal market in China. Chow Tai Fook's superior expertise in the design, manufacture and retailing of diamond jewellery in China, along with Rio Tinto's world-class diamond productions, makes for a natural alliance. Mr Lieberherr highlighted the fact that China has entered a fast growth stage that will change the face of the diamond jewellery market, “The emerging middle class demographic in China is an ideal entry point for affordable diamond jewellery. Increasingly Chinese consumers will be seeking to differentiate themselves through fashion and fashion jewellery and this will be the driver of future growth in retail diamond jewellery demand.”

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Tiffany’s eBay Challenge

According to a report by the Dow Jones Newswire, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided, without comment, against a Tiffany & Co. lawsuit that cites eBay Inc. over the sale of counterfeit jewellery on the online auction website. Tiffany alleged eBay is responsible for infringing the brand’s trademarks because it facilitated the sale of counterfeit Tiffany items. Two lower courts sided with eBay, saying the auctioneer couldn't be held liable unless it had specific knowledge that particular items might be counterfeit. Tiffany noted a significant portion of the items found on eBay is counterfeit, alleging that hundreds of thousands of counterfeit silver SKUs have been offered on the site. Tiffany participated in a program with eBay to remove auction listings it deemed suspicious, but the company said the program did not resolve eBay's "massive counterfeiting problem."

Gemesis Diamond Company to Market Colourless Lab-Created Diamonds Direct to Consumers

Gemesis Diamond Company, a producer of gem-quality lab-created diamonds, announced it has realized significant product developments, the most noteworthy that it is preparing to launch high-quality colorless diamonds as part of its product portfolio. The privately-held international organization, headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., is now in full production of colorless diamonds that is said to equal the best quality mined diamonds. The colour and clarity of the diamonds being launched will be the first seen on a commercial basis. Most diamonds in current inventory average approximately half-carats, however, the sizes of the colorless diamonds have exceeded one carat. The company is in its final stages of developing its own line, designed especially for Gemesis lab-created diamonds. The brand will also launch a new e-commerce website in the coming months, combined with parallel sales through limited retailers who subscribe to the company program – including education, approach, and pricing philosophy. The company says its own Internet pricing will not undermine participating retailers. Gemesis Diamond Company has also made advances with its fancy color stones, achieving a beautiful vivid yellow color that is highly desired and recognized by the consumer. The new yellow stones will be available in significant carat weights on the e-commerce site.

Toronto Designer Launches Necklace to Benefit Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada

For the new year, Toronto-based jewellery design Darlene Martin is donating 20 per cent of the proceeds from a special limited-edition necklace series to the Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada, a national organization dedicated to supporting patients and their families, while working with Canadaʼs leading research institutions in their efforts to eradicate Sarcoma cancers. Martin created the Tiny Dancer series with Swarovski elements and other semi-precious stones specifically for the cause, available for purchase on her e-commerce store at bijouxbead.com. “It is with great pride we are able to help Canadians deal with this disease through the sale of this jewellery series,” says Darlene Martin. “The SCFCs Founder and Chair, Diana Arajs, helped us when we first launched the Bijouxbead brand, and now that we are an established company, it is time to give back.”