Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top Officials Support BIRKS’ Unveiling of Canadian Diamonds

In a lavish and intimate evening affair, BIRKS unveiled the first 100 diamonds certified by the Government of Ontario Canada that are now available for purchase. Hailing from the De Beers Canada Victor Mine, Ontario’s first diamond mine, these spectacular diamonds have been cut and polished at Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd. in Sudbury, Ontario. In celebration of the “Made in Ontario” diamonds, BIRKS held daylong unveiling opportunities for the industry’s top supporters and officials, including Honourable Michael Gravelle, Ontario Minister of Northern Development & Mines. This also marked the first time that the diamonds reached customers in the Province of Ontario. “BIRKS is pleased to offer our clients an increasing number of Canadian diamonds in our assortment. As an iconic Canadian institution, we believe Canadian origin diamonds resonate with our clients and are clearly supportive of our overall sustainability efforts,” stated president and CEO Thomas Andruskevich. Showcased until May, BIRKS offered its clients an opportunity to design a piece of diamond jewellery that is completely made to order from its transformation from a rough diamond to final form. This bespoke diamond event offers an experience never before seen and is a nice touch to keep clients informed and enamored with their pieces. For example, the starting price for an engagement ring will be $2,500.

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