Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JIS Adds New Show in Vegas

JIS listening to the repeated requests from its Exhibitors, JIS has just announced JIS' newest Jewelry Trade Show October 30 thru November 1, 2010 in the lavish Forum Ballroom of Caesars Palace in the Heart of the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip. With only the initial reservations made by Exhibitors requesting this Fall Delivery Show in Las Vegas and JIS' early marketing announcements of the Show, the JIS has already experienced rental of over 60% of the 275 booths that will be available in the Show making it almost a certainty that this Show will be sold-out very shortly.

Veteran Jeweler Trade Show Producer, Michael Breslow, stated that JIS will be using all of their experience from 31 year old proven efforts and well known positioning within the Jewelry Industry to bring Buyers to this new venue of JIS and make this a yearly event for the Jewelry Trade Buyers from the Western United States as well as those from Central and Western Mexico. This new Show is not designed to compete with JIS' highly successful Shows in Miami Beach Florida that have served the buyers of Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America plus other states since 1979 but the Las Vegas JIS Show is designed to compliment JIS' other Shows and expand the buying and selling abilities of our Jewelry Trade Attendees.

The JIS Website at www.jisshow.com contains complete details regarding this new JIS Show in Las Vegas including Exhibitor Listings and very special highly discounted attractive hotel rates at Caesars Palace. In addition, the JIS Website has complete information also on JIS' upcoming 1250 booth October Miami Beach Show and all other JIS Shows. For more info, visit http://www.jisshow.com.

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