Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Israeli Diamond Industry Plans a Major JCK Showing

This year the Israeli Diamond Industry will once again have a major presence at JCK Las Vegas. The Israel Diamond Pavilion, hosted by the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI) will feature 25 exhibitors, with an additional 25 Israeli companies exhibiting throughout the show. The JCK Show is one of the most important annual events for the Israeli Diamond Industry since the United States is Israel’s leading market for polished diamonds, accounting for about one-half of Israel’s total polished exports.

IDI will also be sponsoring a cocktail event for existing and new clients of the Israeli Diamond Industry, in the café lounge adjacent to the pavilion on June 6 at 5 pm.

In the wake of IDI’s successful strategic marketing program “Together Works” in 2009, IDI recently launched a new campaign entitled “Responsibility is Good. Business.” This campaign advocates responsible business practices in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, customer service and credit, in order to ensure the stability of the world industry, as economies emerge from the global crisis of 2008 – 2009.

Both the Israeli Diamond Industry and the U.S. diamond market are showing definite signs of recovery. In the first quarter of 2010 Israel’s polished diamond exports grew 55% over the same period last year. During the same period polished diamond imports into the U.S. rose by 73% over the first quarter of 2009.

IDI Chairman Moti Ganz said, “We are pleased to see signs of recovery in the U.S., with diamond demand growing. Since the U.S. is our leading market, we are convinced that this will have an important positive impact on the Israeli Diamond Industry.”

IDI Managing Director Eli Avidar said, “JCK – Las Vegas is one of the most important highlights on the yearly calendar of the Israeli Diamond Industry. This is our major market and a great deal of our marketing efforts goes toward developing the Israeli industry’s ties here. That’s why we have set up IDI

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