Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Butterfly Gem Gets Government Funding

Butterfly Gem Collection has received $115,000 in repayable funding from the Government of Canada through the Business and Regional Growth program, enabling the enterprise to create six new jobs, pursue its North American market expansion and gain a solid foothold in the international marketplace.

Through its research and development activities, the company created the Butterfly Gem cut, an innovative design that involves cutting gemstones to replicate the shape of a butterfly. Currently patented in Canada, the United States and France, the cut also has the advantage of creating maximum luminescence within the stone.

The President of Butterfly Gem, Mr. Stephane Lavoie, has the pleasure also to announce an agreement with the worldwide leader manufacturer and distributor of the safest earring piercings. The company is called Inverness Corporation and the Corporate headquarter is located in Attleboro, USA. This company will develop and distribute the new product line called “BFLY by INVERNESS”.

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