Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6-Month Complimentary Membership to The Jewelers Board of Trade

The Canadian Jewellers Association has introduced a new member benefit program to The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT). JBT is the only credit reporting service dedicated specifically to the jewellery industry in the U.S. and Canada. A not-for-profit member-supported organization, JBT has provided vital credit information and collections support to its members for over 125 years. This complimentary package to an introductory JBT membership will allow CJA members to participate in JBT's premium interchange information-sharing platform. Participation will enable your company to experience the benefits it brings in the form of credit monitoring services, customized reporting, access to industry data, online functionality, 24/7 service, and managed by a team of JBT staff dedicated to the Canadian market. Qualified member participants will receive the following: Instant credit ratings/reports for over 70,000 U.S.-based and Canadian companies/individuals in the jewellery industry available online 24/7; 25 Free Credit Reports; and more. To qualify, CJA supply members must complete JBT application forms as well as submit accounts receivable aging and customer listing files upon application and each month during the Introductory membership period. To apply, contact Erica D'Ambrosio at JBT by calling 401-467-0055 ext. 3410 or email Erica at edambrosio@jewelersboard.com.

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